is a first of its kind Pan India online Marketplace to consolidate search and purchase of electronic components in India which is designed to simplify the process of sourcing components for small and medium inventory requirements. Besides facilitating transactions in INR (Indian Rupees) and logistical services such as freight/ Insurance; acts as one stop shop to browse through the inventory of multiple distributors while integrating the purchase of components from various suppliers into a single order. intends to sync the electronic design, research and component industry under one roof.

The “Make in India” campaign promoting the growth of small businesses in the hardware and manufacturing sectors, has led to a surge in demand for access to electronic components. envisions supporting the “Ecosystem around silicon”. It is an answer to the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial community in India designed around the Make in India campaign. With over 35 years of sales and marketing experience, the founding members of Compon Inc understand the rising demand for a unified platform that provides customers a hassle free opportunity to source necessary components for their projects, incubate latest and emerging technologies, build and test prototypes, manufacture and market end products; including within its fold services encompassing PCB, PCBA, mechanical fabrication and even design consultancy all at one place. serves as an end to end partner in your product innovations while also supporting to showcase your final product to the desired target market.